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Sunday, April 20th, 2008

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Today and probably for a few months I'm going to try to live without Microsofts Windows. I will be using live cdroms of knoppix and Fedora linux.
Quick reason why is some crazy adware on my computer ate up like two hours of my life today. It was quite hard trying to get rid of it, and it actually seemed to infect the core operating system. It infected the computer, even in safe mode, and my anti-virus of course doesn't see it. So here we go, bye bye Redmond employees proud product. I'm gone (for now).

Here are some things I will miss, that I don't think they have in linux:

Google Earth
Cisco VPN client
Corel Draw

And I will still be using microsoft office (via terminal server at work) because I will pretty much HAVE to use it now an then.

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