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Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

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FF on Xubuntu
I am running 64-bit Xubuntu on a low end Q. After applying a few upgrades FF has stopped responding, it simply does not launch. I've started using Epiphany in the meantime. Where would I begin looking to diagnose this sort of problem.
I hope somebody can help, I have been trying to solve this issue for almost 2 hours. At first, i was getting an error saying that CentOS could not detect the HDD. i was going to some troubleshooting and my first guess was that it was because of the Guest OS. I chose redhat since CentOS is based on it. Did not fix the problem. I decided to set It up manually. I figured out that CentOS was using lsilogic SCSI not buslogic SCSI. That fixed the first problem. Now, for no apparent reason the install is crashing right in the middle leaving me with a blackscreen, no error message to help me troubleshoot... nothing !!

Anybody can help ???

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