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Thursday, March 6th, 2008

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Just wondering, as a neato Idea.
I was just sitting here thinking about random interesting things and tho it would be over-all pointless I am still wondering if it were do-able. I was just thinking about web modules like shockwave and stuff like that, and thought would be possible to have a lightweight-webpage linux distro.

for example: say I am curious about featherlinux or DSL. and I did a web search for it but was illiterate on how to use it but wanted to try it(not that I am but lets say your typical Xp user or something.). so I opened a webpage and it loades a virtual-machine with a moderately operational featherlinux that filled the webpage.

would some-thing like that be possible beyond just theory?

I only ask because I understand a a portin of linux GUI is in xml so using xml as a base couldn't you host virtual API modules within the XML code, although the gui is not the base for linux at all but this is like a theoretical reverse concept of linux.

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