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Monday, February 25th, 2008

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Using more than one DNS
I have a need to sometimes defer to a second DNS service and can't seem to work out how to get OpenSuse to look at more than one.

The situation is that I have my ISP's DNS for regular use, they have a primary and a secondary IP but normally I let DCHP find the services for me.

Sometimes I need to get fresh records from an alternate DNS where my client's site is hosted, so I've tried switching off the DCHP for DNS and put in the two IPs manually. That works okay, as does putting in my ISP's DNS IPs manually.

But, the alternate DNS ignores a lot of european country TLDs (.ci .bz and similar) which is annoying. So I tried a combination of 3 DNS:

1. MY ISP's primary
2. MY ISP's secondary
3. Alternate ISP's primary.

But this setup seems to ignore any records on the alternate DNS, giving "domain not found" errors until a day later when the DNS record as propagated to my ISP's DNS server.

Is this legal? Can I have my box set up to first reference my ISP's DNS and upon fail go to a second source? If so what might be going wrong?

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