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Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

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Wireless woes: trying to join Apple Airport Network with non-Apple machine(s)
OK: X-posting massively because it's a cross-platform problem... in the hope that someone, somewhere can tell me (a) that this is, in fact, possible, and (b) how to do it.

I'm moving in with my girlfriend. (Hurrah!) Who is a mac fan. (Also hurrah -- better Mr Jobs than Mr Gates, any day.) But I run Linux -- and XP when I absolutely have to -- and I can't get my machine to talk to her router. Both Windows and Linux are able to see the router and the network: the problem seems to be with encryption.

Set up is Airport Extreme with 802.11n (set for 802.11b/g compatible); adminstration is done using Airport Utility Version 7.0 running on Mac OS X Tiger. WPA and WPA2 clients can connect; using WPA-PSK with TKIP.
I am running VectorLinux 5.8 SoHo dual-boot with Windows XP Home Edition (SP2), and the wireless network card is an Asus WL-138G v2 with Broadcomm chipset.

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So. One possibility might be to try reverting to WEP -- but that's weaker security. One possibility might be to return the wireless card, put the old ethernet card back in, and plug directly into an Airport Express (for $100!) -- but then we couldn't use the AirTunes feature in different rooms, as it would have to stay attached to the PC... It's Linux that I really want to get this fixed in, not just XP, as I see Linux as my main OS. Help! Any ideas, anyone?

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