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Sunday, February 17th, 2008

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Ok, this cant be that hard..
I'm doing some creative writing, and it's a long story but I need a database I can put a good chunk of the details in.
The aim is I will write various python and or perl script to produce the various different documents I need based on the data in the database. This is the easy bit - I can handle that.

However before that I'd like a nice simple tool which allows to to view the database and stuff the data in the various fields without jumping thru hoops. I'd expect this to be a graphical tool - and indeed the best I've found so far seems to be knoda - but its not working for me as I can't get it to connect to my Firebird Db.

The things is from the SQL side what I really want is good SQL Compliance including referential integrity and I don' want to open any new ports or play complicated games with permissions just point the DB access library at a file in my home directory - hence Firebird as libfbembed looked a good fit for this - except I think knoda uses lbfbclient. SQLLite seems out as it doesn't support ref integrity.

Does anyone have any hints where else I can look? My web search haven't turned up anything.

Oh - I'm a debian user if that is anyway pertinent , certainly I'd prefer the packages used to be in debian but I am happy to compile myself if necessay

I've already had to build the firebird drivers myself for knoda - so I might got and play with their source and see if can them see libfbembed instead..
ssh and x (maybe)
Hello all you excellent people!

I have a question:

Let's say I have an x-session running on machine A with some applications going. I log in from a remote machine (B) via ssh (or I'm open to suggestions). Is there a way that I can take over the x session on machine A and have the already running applications appear in X on machine B?

Also, if I execute an application that uses audio, I can get the video in the X server side, but the audio runs on the client machine. Is there a way to get x over ssh to use not only the x server but also the sound server on the server machine?

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