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Monday, February 11th, 2008

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Pretty much a Windows question...
I've tried to ask this in Windows forums but I get gibberish from the drooling hordes and since I'm one of the few Windows feebs in this group (seriously I don't use it except as a vehicle for InDesign and most of you are windows aware) I thought you might be able to answer my question.

Under linux I've made a little script that resizes videos to low resolution DVD compliant Mpegs for when I need to make presentations etc. Now my father has a Windows machine (he has too much non linux friendly hardware to convert him to linux, I've thought about it several times) and I want to convert my bash script to a DOS batch file for him to use to make DVDs of his slide collection (as fathers are sometime want to do).

My question is, do you think I would have a hope of getting the same functionality from a DOS script, or is it too poor to be able to do something as complex as this, and I shouldn't bother trying to learn DOS script.

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forgoten passwords?
SO I had a brain freeze and I forgot my password to log in. How can I reset? I tried going under the guest account and root accounts but I only have 1 desktop, I usually have 4...the desktops that rotate. I cant see the entire window from the control center to change anything. What can I do?

thank you

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