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Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

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Routing conundrum
Is there a way to set a preferred route to a local subnet IP adress?

I have a server at home, which is on the 192.168.1. subnet.

My laptop has two different NICs that can talk to it, a wireless connection on the 192.168.1. subnet, and (usually) an ethernet connection on the 192.168.0. subnet.

Currently, it's sending all data via the wireless connection, which isn't the fastest route, obviously.

Looking at the man page for IP, it looks like it should be possible, but I'm getting lost in the terminology.

What I'd like is to tell the routing system that packets to the 192.168.1.x address of my laptop should be sent to 192.168.0.y instead if that address is responding. Hopefully, there'll be someone who's familiar enough with the routing system that they can give me a couple of simple "ip route add xxxxxx" commands and save me hours of trawling through documentation in order to learn how to do something I only want to do once.

I should point out that I am trying to fix this from the server end. The laptop is a Windows XP box, and it doesn't seem to have any way to do this.


Thanks for suggestions, I managed to fix it from the laptop side of things. Turns out XP Home isn't quite as brain-dead as I thought.

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