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Saturday, January 26th, 2008

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Ubuntu in Xen
(I'm also posting this in ubuntu_users)

I have a server running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1. I also run several flavors of virtual machines under Xen. I have a client who is most familiar with Ubuntu, so I'm wanting to set up a VM for his use.

When I boot the ISO in order to install Ubuntu, it freezes at "Loading...". No further activity happens after that third dot.

Is there some trick to installing Ubuntu as a guest OS in Xen?
sending directory contents and date via sendmail
I found out that I can pipe a command to the mail program, like this:

date | -s "hi, here is today's date" myaddress@me.com

Is there a way to include a directory listing (ll -t) as the message body?
Counting Files In A Directory Listing
n00bish question: How do you actually count the number of files in a directory listing with ls? I assume it is ls | [some command] but I'm not sure.

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