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Friday, January 25th, 2008

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VMware and USB thumbdrives
I'm running Ubuntu 7.10 64bit, and using VMWare Server to run a Windows XP guest OS. I'm having trouble getting the USB thumb drive to be visible and usable in the guest OS image. At first, it wouldn't appear at all. I followed the instructions I found here:


...the first set of changes to /mountdevsubfs.sh helped -- the USB drive is now listed as an option in VMWare's "removable devices" menu (which it was not before).

That second change however (the edit to /fstab) caused Ubuntu to be unstable! When I rebooted Ubuntu after making that change (a force of habit from my Windows days), it actually hung very early (during GRUB loading perhaps?), so I removed that change.

Has anyone else dealt with this? Any suggestions?

Tablet PC Woes
Hi. I'm running Fedora Core 8 on a Gateway M275 Tablet PC. I am having issues getting the stylus to work in anything except the Wacom debug app. If anyone has any experience with tablets and Linux, any insight would be greatly appreciated.

uname -r

I can get wacdump to run using the following command. It detects the stylus and stylus button without issue.

wacdump -f tpc /dev/ttyS1

The biggest problem is that I can't get it to work outside of wacdump! I've followed all the help I can find via Google, but to little avail. I know it has to do (at a minimum) with setting xorg.conf input sections, but even after toying with that I get no results with my stylus as an input device.

Thanks in advance for your help.
tar -u, or something else?
I need to maintain a running archive of files. The only files I want to add to the archive are new files or updated files.

So I thought this would work:

tar -uvf backup.tar /www/virtualhosts/abc/

Each time I run that the backup.tar increases in size, regardless of whether new or updated files exist (I know for a fact that no changes/additions are being made between commands).

I assume I'm using the wrong switch, but -u looked like what I needed. Help is greatly appreciated.

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