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Thursday, January 10th, 2008

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Couple of noob questions
Hey all, I just installed Ubuntu Gutsy on my Dell inspiron 6400 and I almost have everything the way I want it, but I have a couple of unresolved issues that I need help with.

1. My g/f and I have a printer connected to her computer that was shared (in windows) and I printed all of my stuff out on. Is it possible to still use linux to accomplish this, and is it relatively easy to do?

2. I downloaded ATi's linux driver, and installed it, but I get the feeling that it's still using some generic driver that comes with ubuntu. Whenever I try to tell my laptop that I have a widescreen resolution of 1280x80, the screen gets distorted, interlaced and you can see everything on my desktop triplicated and I have to reboot and reset all of my desktop settings in terminal. How do I go about checking to see which driver is installed?

3. last but not least... (rediculously simple) is there a way to tell my computer to use a specific program to open a file? I want xmms as my default mp3 player, but right now it's totem.

thanks for all of your help!
Perl (earings) vs Python (handbag)
Ok, ok, all apparel and sex jokes related to this aside.

Why should I, dedicated to Perl give Python a try? This entire front of Python related resistance is linked to very little of actual substance except that I refuse to cross over on pure stubbornness (like I hate Apple products, but that's another rant).

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