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Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

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ls all subdirs and subdirs of subdirs, ad inf?
Is there a way to write script that will list the contents of a dir AND subdirs of said dir, and subdirs of said subdirs, ad infinitum?
Like, I want to list the contents of /home/me/tunes
plus, the subdirs by genre, /home/me/tunes/rock ~folk ~classical ~latin ~brazilian etc.,
plus, the contents of each genre, by artist /home/me/tunes/latin/mana
and, in cases where I have still deeper subdirs (by album, for instance)....
Basically, a big list/tree of ALL of my tunes...
And I want to pipe it to a text window in zenity, or just to a text file.

I can get ls to list the contents of a dir, OR, the contents of subdirs, etc...but, don't seem to be able to get it to list, BOTH, the contents of the dir, AND, subdirs, and subdirs of subdirs, ad infinitum...

I use Ubuntu (Feisty Fawn), and I'm having a little trouble with the wireless. It works fairly well in gnome when configured using network-manager, but it's kind of hit-or-miss. Also, if I log out of gnome and use a different window manager (xmonad), eventually the wireless craps out, and it takes a lot of dicking around with network-manager to get it to work again. I'm able to verify at the time that the wireless is working from a roommate's machine.

Is there a better replacement program, maybe console-based, that will allow for easy configuration and reestablishment of my wireless? dhclient? Something like that. I'm a programmer, not an OS guy :-X

I just don't trust network-manager, it feels brittle as hell.


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