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Sunday, January 6th, 2008

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I'm rotten to the core....
After about 8 years of using Linux, I am finally getting around to learning some scripting...

I wrote this script and installed it on my wife's computer.
I put it in autostart.sh so it will come up the next time she logs in.
(She had me install ubuntu, so, it can run the script, of course, but, she really has
no understanding of computers beyond the gui, so, she won't have the slightest
idea what the output of lsof means, or what the computer is doing when
it is locating files.)
Also, she is running kde, not with xscreensaver, but I snuck xscreensaver in and
set it for BSOD...

Of course, if she answers all the questions properly, she'll be just fine...

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