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Monday, December 27th, 2004

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I've been having trouble with this modem, just can't seem to get it to work. I'm using gentoo, and I've updated to kernel 2.6.10 so that it comes with PPPoATM support.
I've looked on the Gentoo forums, but seemingly this is a very french modem, and no matter how much I try and follow them this thing seems to refuse to play.

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Current Mood: confused
Looking for a Linux distro for a very specific task
Task in question is to run a thin client to connect to Windows Server 2003. Now, the server part has to be Windows, because all clients need is to run Microsoft Office.

Now, network boot is out of the question, because clients aren't on a LAN with the server - they connect via ADSL - so a bit of local storage is required. Hard drives are expensive an unreliable, so I've been thinking of using 128MB or 256MB USB flash drives to boot from.

The specific requirement is to boot from a USB flash drive, connect through ADSL using a network modem to a Windows server, and open an RDP client window. Nothing more, nothing less, and nothing else.

Is there a ready-made distribution that can do that, or will I have to do it myself, or, more likely hire someone more knowledgeable about it, as my Linux knowledge is quite limited - not enough time left over from troubleshooting Windows machines to learn much...
iTunes replacement
Are there any good scripts to organise MP3's? I've got all my MP3's and OGG's stored in ~/music, and I use Rhythmbox to play them (Mandrake 10.1-Official, usually KDE). I'm used to iTunes organisation of my files. There must be a script which will make all the relevant folders and sort the files in to them based on the tags. Preferably something which would just sit there in the background and do it, without user intervention. Or, better, an MP3 player like Rhythmbox that would mirror this essential iTunes functionality. I have tried Yammi but don't really like it. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
via8233 + ALSA + 4.1 = no rear channels!
I can't get my onboard via8233 sound chipset to produce any output to the rear channels. I have the cables plugged in correctly as shown in the Asus and Klipsch manuals, everything is unmuted and turned up, and I've messed with any and all of the faders and switches in alsamixer. No go.
Has anyone else had this problem and is there a solution to it?
Thanks in advance!

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