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Thursday, December 23rd, 2004

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after all the horrible problems i had installing suse a few months back (it turned out my parent's cd-rw had bit the dust), i went to my local friendly libary, found a copy of "teach yourself redhat 9 in 24 hours" that actually had the discs still intact (and they were in brand new condition, whatever that's all about)
so i installed it fine. i'm all happy with it, i can't connect to the internet because well....we run aol *hide* (please don't laugh at me, we ended up with six months of free internet, we're switching to a local cable company next week. i'm mocked enough about this as it is) and even through the use of proxy programs i can't get it to connect (it did once. long enough for me to log into livejournal and open the update journal page, and then for some reason, i didnt' touch anything, it just stopped working.)
but this isn't my problem. (although if any of you have a solution for that i'd be glad to hear it we have windows 2000 on this comp)

the computer with redhat 9 installed on it, has a 40gig harddrive, this one only has seven.
i decided to copy all my mp3 discs onto the redhat computer, however i've just discovered that redhat 9 doesn't come with mp3 codecs.
i've googled this, and have only come across things to download to make it work, however since i don't have internet access on that computer, its useless to me.

until next week when i have internet acess on that computer is there anything i can do to get around this? i'm assuming not, but you never know.

i'm starting to think that i was stupid for ever not switching entirely over to oggvorbis last year or so, when i was told to. i'm dumb sometimes.
but all help would be appreciated. i'm sorry if this is incohearant and rambly, i'm half in the bag so i'm apologizing in advance.
I'm trying to set up an Apache server, but I'm running into a little problem.
I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what I need to change in the .conf file if my serverroot is set on a directory that's being shared by Samba?
I want to have /home/boardinbum/httpd be the serverroot, but /home/boardinbum is shared over Samba.
Error message:
bash-2.05b# httpd restart
Syntax error on line 205 of /etc/apache/httpd.conf:
Cannot load /home/boardinbum/httpd/libexec/apache/mod_vhost_alias.so into server: /home/boardinbum/httpd/libexec/apache/mod_vhost_alias.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

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