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Monday, December 20th, 2004

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printer problems
Anyone had any luck with an hp color laserjet 3550 (n)? We just got one at work and it works just fine with our windows machines (cd install) but I can't make either linux machine print anything. I get a four line wrror mage and then blank pages.

drivers, maybe? I can't locate them, though. I'm confused. I'm running RH9 and FC3.
up2date system isn't up to date
I get quite a few warnings when I run Nessus Security Scanner on my system regarding outdated software.

All of the software on the system is "up2date" as far as the RedHat Utility is concerned, is there a way to add a "bleeding-edge" RedHat source to up2date to get the later software (as I'd like to do this all via up2date, I've had saddening dependency issues when compiling from source on RedHat systems).

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