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Friday, December 17th, 2004

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SCSI problems?
(Cross-posted to hardware)

I'm in process of bashing together a server for the local network, mainly out of stuff laying around, and I 'm having some problems....
I'm building a software RAID setup using an Initio 9200UW SCSI controller - The physical setup of the busses looks like:

[SCSI 0]==(TPO cable)==[MD68-to-SCA adaptor to 50gb drive (#2) ]==(TPO cable)==[MD68-to-SCA adaptor to 50gb drive (#3) ]==(TPO cable)==[MD68 8gb drive w/ termination set (#1) ]

[SCSI 1]==(TPO cable)==[MD68-to-SCA adaptor to 50gb drive (#4) ]==(TPO cable)==[MD68-to-SCA-with 50pin passthrough to 50gb drive (#5)]==(PVC cable)==[50pin active terminator]

Now, when I create a RAID0 with the two disks on Bus 1 (using mdadm), it assembles fine, mounts, and generally behaves itself. When I mkfs and mount the new /dev/md0, it works fine. When I try to copy the material off of /dev/sdc1 to it, the machine usually keels over eventually, starting with errors on the SCSI 0 bus.

Whenever I try to create a RAID using /dev/sdc1 the system croaks - 'Aborting command due to timeout' - I'm aware that 99.9% of the time this is a termination issue - though of the two busses, SCSI 0 seems to be the less bizzare. The system has also been running fine off of /dev/sda2, and home has been mounted on /dev/sdb1 without any problems, despite a moderate traffic load.(As fast as I could throw data to it on 100bT)

Anybody got any SCSI arcana/wisdom they want to share?

Failing that - anybody got either a live chicken or a MD68 Male active terminator they can sell me cheap? Anybody know anyplace in the chicagoland area where I could buy hardware like this over the counter, and avoid the customary $9 shipping charge on a $15 item?

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Soundcard help
Switched from Fedora Core 1 to Fedora Core 3 yesterday. All is good except I have no sound. When running the soundcard detector it says it cannot find a soundcard. I have some cheap Creative Soundblaster thing in there I think.... which has worked with RH9 and Fedora 1.

How to troubleshoot this?

GTK+ 2.6
Just in case you missed it on /. and all the other Linux news sites, GTK+ 2.6.0 has been released.
Most important: They fixed the goddamn fileselector.
/me waits impatiently for .ebuild to hit mirrors

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