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Thursday, December 16th, 2004

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Anybody recommend, or know of small business finance software that'll run on both Linux *and* Windows? something similar to MS Money, Quicken etc. I've done a seach and found ones that work on one platform or the other, but not supportive of both. I need both as I run Gentoo and my wife runs XP but we both want to run the same software.


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user-friendly linux
im looking to start a project taking recycled computers and computer parts, installing linux and all the other basic open source programs and donating them or charging whatever it cost for parts to people who cant otherwise afford computers. what, in everyone's opinion, is the most userfriendly and stable linux distro? i've been using gentoo for a while now, but i would hesitate to put that on someone else's computer, esp. if they've never used linux before.
** Also if anyone wants to help by donating stuff or lives in the cleveland/oberlin, OH area and would be interested in somehow helping out, please let me know!
More newbie questions
A) I was unsucessful in getting SSH to work on my fileserver before I left for vacation. I could ssh in from other computers on my apartment network, but even after setting up port forwarding on my linksys router, I couldn't ssh in from the outside. I even upgraded the firmware on my router, and it still didn't work. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm using a linksys BEFSR41 with the latest firmware updates.

B) Since I can't use ssh to experiment with linux over the break, I want to put it on my laptop. In case it's a colosal failure and I want my XP back, I'm getting a cheap laptop hard drive and installing linux on that one. But because while I'm home for break, my laptop is my only computer, my standards for it needing to be able to do certain things is higher. I've already figured out linux alternatives to many of the programs I need, but I've also figured out that NexusTK, an MMORPG to which I am thouroughly addicted, will probably need to be run through WINE or something similar. Does anyone know a good guide for installing and running windows programs in a linux environment?

C) Does anyone know a good guide to linux for someone who doesn't have any expirience with it but who wants to do more than word processing and web browsing? I particularly need something that covers installing software from .tar archives and has a basic guide to configuration files. The SUSE user's guide is incredibly lousy and I hate having to keep bothering you guys.
Preferred sound servers?
Hi all. I’m a happy Debian sid user, and I’ve more or less got my setup exactly the way I want it, except for one nagging irritant: I can’t get more than one application to access the sound card at the same time. For example, I can’t have Gaim play alert tones for incoming IMs while XMMS is playing MP3s. (I set Gaim to change the titlebar when new IMs arrive, but I don’t always catch that.) I know the solution is to use a sound server, but there are quite a few (esd, aRTS, etc.), but I just wanted to see what all of you prefer.

In case it’s helpful, I use ALSA and my sound card is an Ensoniq ES1371 (or at least that’s what I’ve configured in my kernel). Not a high-end card by any means, but it works well enough for me.
Which Linux ?
I have an emachines 2.0 ghz with 512mb RAM. It has a OEM CD writer and DVD player.

I also have 2 Linux installation disks - Debian Sarge & Suse 9.1

I'm mainly gonna use the machine for the normal home PC stuff but will probably run a webserver too (with a mysql database I think).


Suse or Debian ?

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