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Monday, December 13th, 2004

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Enlightenment DR17 has been added into the primary CVS tree. No, hell hasn't frozen over and last we looked pigs weren't flying although this might signal Duke Nukem Forever sometime before Christmas. Feel free to grab it and muttle around. It's limited in its support for ICCCM, no NETWM support and it has no iconification, virtual desktops, shading, keybindings or button bindings, but it does work. Patches are welcome, contributions are welcome, but bug reports should be ignored... this is CVS code afterall.

check it out guys... e17 finally has a functional (well, sorta) release! it doesnt do much yet, but lets hope that with something actually out there they will attract more developers to build this into something actually worth using. as someone for whom e16 was my first linux wm that i used for more than a few days, this is quite exciting for me, and i know there are more people like me out there somewhere(:

news and info and cvs (gentoo has ebuilds as well)

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SSH + File Sharing = Profit?
I have a machine that I want to connect to that is behind a firewall. Currently I'm able to access it via SSH without any problems. What I'd like to do is share some files that are on this machine, without opening any ports on the firewall (I can't). Is it possible to mount a remote directory via SSH? I'm thinking about perhaps tunneling SMB or NFS over SSH, but I'm open to whatever the easiest way to do it would be. I don't want to just copy the files from the remote directory locally, I want to mount the remote machine on my desktop machine.

Assuming I did tunnel it over SSH how would I maintain the SSH tunnel in the background? I suppose I could run the SSH tunnel in a screen or with nohup. Is that the best way? Are there any projects out there that are already doing this?
Media computer
I’m looking to put together a media PC to watch tv/movies on. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get some form of remote control to work with linux? Preferably without spending too much money.

What about software for an onscreen menus?

Current Mood: excited
Hard disk support - NTFS, RAID
Which distros have decent support for NTFS formatted partitions? And/or what software would I need to install to make Linux work with NTFS partitions?

My desktop system is dual-boot with one NTFS partition with Windows XP, one FAT32 partition for data, and the usual Linux partitions (Mandrake 9.something). From Linux, I could access the FAT32 partition but not the NTFS one. Recently I installed a new video card, and that somehow screwed up my Linux install so I thought I'd take the opportunity to upgrade or switch distros.

Also, I'm in the process of building a file server with a redundant RAID pair for data storage. Is anyone experienced with RAID under Linux?
I need to make a whole lotta thumbnails of a whole lotta pictures really quickly. Anyone know of a good program to do that?
chkrootkit complains
Anyone know why chkrootkit might find these two files suspicious in Fedora Core 1?


I looked at them and nothing jumped out at me as odd, though I wasn't always sure what I was looking at. I have run chkrootkit under fc1 before without getting that message, but not since I last updated gaim. Could it just be something in the latest gaim, or am I denying the fact that I've been owned?
Newbie needing help
Well, after trading in MS Office for OpenOffice and IE for Firefox, I'm finally taking the full plunge. I'm installing SUSE on one of my desktops. Now, I'm about to fly home for Winter Break, and my desktop has to stay behind. Since one of the big advantages of linux is being able to access my computer remotely, I'm very interested in setting up ssh and ideally sftp before I go home. But because I'm a complete newbie, I need help with the following questions: a) is there anything I need to do to set up ssh on my desktop before I leave? b) how do I connect to my desktop from home? It's on a small home network connected through a DSL modem. So I'm wondering both how to keep track of the router's WAN address and how to connect to an individual computer on the network. I've used SSH a few times before, but only with named computers on the same subnet as the computer I was connecting from.

Also, for future reference in case I want to switch my media desktop to linux as well, anybody know a good dvd-to-avi ripping/encoding tool for linux?

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Ok, I'm more pathetic than I thought...
How do you install things in linux? Trying to install a dyndns client I've so far wound up with some compressed archives of text files and a python program that refuses to do anything but open in a text editor.

Current Mood: embarrassed
Did anyone else just lose gaim? As in did AOL just screw with the login or is it just me?

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