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Saturday, December 11th, 2004

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Creating www-user for Apache
Example 1: I create www-user like this:
# useradd -d /var/www -g webmaster www
I get record in /etc/passwd
And record in /etc/group
webmaster:x:63: #looks fine but no www user I see in this group :)

Example 2: I create www-user without saying the group:
# useradd -d /var/www www
I get record in /etc/passwd
And record in /etc/group
Then I add www user to the webmaster group by hands.
That means now I have 2 groups: webmaster (with www user in it) and www (blank).
The question: Is it correct to follow the second example and leave www group intact ?
More Samba problems
I'm still working on setting up Samba. I've got it to have total read/write acces to one drive. Now, I added user boardinbum to the Linux box (so I can access /boardinbum from my XP box), and I'm trying to add boardinbum to Samba, and I'm getting an error message:

root@box:/etc/samba# smbpasswd -a boardinbum
New SMB password:
Retype new SMB password:
getsmbfilepwent: malformed password entry (uid not number)
getsmbfilepwent: malformed password entry (uid not number)
Added user boardinbum.
Collapse )
Any help here?

xposted to linux support
browser that mimics IE?
per my ongoing setup challenge with Verizon DSL I need to use this page to register a username/password before I can get started. However aforementioned page is not happy with firefox and is not functioning.

Any browser out there that will mimic IE so I can use this form? Or do I really just have to go try to find a computer somewhere running IE (our library is doing computer upgrades).

DSL refuses to connect... now how to troubleshoot?
Followed the instructions provided in http://www.desktoplinux.com/articles/AT6868338076.html but does not seems to work. DSL light on modem just blinks while status frame of Firefox says "resolving fark.com" or something like that until it says that it cannot find or connect to fark. (Fark being my homepage)

Curious thing is that while back had one blissful moment when I made it on the net.... then my hopes were dashed.

So is there anything I can suss out as to why DSL is just not working for me? Sorry for the double post here guys but tonight's my only night off so I'm pretty much trying hard to get this working now.


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