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Wednesday, December 8th, 2004

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it appears we'll be getting the first eight chapters of linux programming by example in HTML form. things could still change. this means lots of general goodness for those of us wanting to learn C or linux programming in general (altho for general linux programming one would still have to learn C, using this book.)

BTW: feel free to post unix-hacking like questions to the forums. i will respond to all posts. i'm trying to get a group of unix hackers together to just enjoy sharing knowledge with each other (from the lowest level on up). criticism welcome, but please, no mindless bashing. reinventing the wheel is fine if you think you can make it rounder, or grease the axel better.
Scanner question
I understand that it is not a 1:1 correlation because photographic grain is not regular the way digital resolution is, however, approximately how many dpi on a scanner does it take to scan ASA 100 color film, without losing resolution?

My linux box stopped talking to my HP scanner, and my Mac won't talk to it without buying software almost as expensive as a new scanner. It's also old enough (4 years?) that even a cheap scanner would probably outperform it. I no longer use the SCSI interface and never did get the automatic document feeder working on it.

I was looking at Fry's yesterday at their under $200 scaners. The four that caught my attention were:

Epson 3170 $200 3200x6400
Epson 2580 $150 2400x4800
canon 3000ex $50 1200x2400
canon 8400f $190

does anyone have any preferences?

For that matter, has anyone else had problems getting Fedora Core 2 to talk to USB scanners?

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