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Thursday, November 25th, 2004

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Random email questions
Ok, so I'm getting kind of fed up with having multiple places where I am accessing my pop3 account, each of which has its own copy of thunderbird running spam filters. So, my plan is to set up a simple system on my desktop which takes mail off my POP3 account, and serves it up as IMAP. I want to integrate my spam filtering server side, using a special folder to train my filter.

my questions are twofold:
1.) does anybody have any knowledge of any part of setting up such a system?
2.) does anybody know of a comparison between Thunderbird's spam filtering and SpamAssassin's?l
Help need !
I got HP Color Laserjet 2550 DN printer.
I can't get it working on Tru64 5.1B and neither on Linux .
I use LPrng with ifhp filter .
It seems like LPrng server doesn't get sync of end of the job from printer ,'cause it can print first job .. and then continue blinking like waiting for something or still proccessing a job .
If i comment out filter lines in printcap file it does working , but i need to do accounting on this printer , so i can't turn it off .
Maybe some one had ever ran into these kond of problems ?
Networking challenge
This is for anyone out there that knows a little networking wizardry ;)

On my campus, connections to the outside world are .... weak, to say the least. Gaming is truely horrid (pings, lag, choke, etc) To solve the problem, some of us have decided to pitch together to get a single cable modem hooked up in a residence room. We want to share out that cable modem amongst maybe 5 to 6 different people who throw cash into the project.

We've got a P-200 with 96 megs of RAM and a pair of NICs we're going to use to run this operation. Basically, here's what we want to do:
Have the interface pointed at the campus only accept VPN connections from the allowed users.
Bandwidth throttle the VPN users so that everyone gets good gaming pings (the main issue at hand on our campus)
Connect to the cable modem using DHCP (just like normal)
Not introduce traffic from the "big bad Internet" to our campus subnet

So on the campus interface, only VPN traffic will go in and out - we don't want the VPN users getting the campus internet connection over VPN. Then on the cable modem interface, we'd want unrestricted outbound traffic and filtered inbound traffic (so we wouldn't have people being seeds for bittorrent etc.)

Looking around at things like IPCop and SmoothWall, just about everything seems to be geared towards the "Red and Green" interface idea. What we need is kind of a .... pink and purple interface scenario - it doesn't neatly fall into any packages. So far, we can't seem to use IPCop or SmoothWall because we need two interfaces that get IPs over DHCP (the campus IP needs to be fed via DHCP). So could somebody here enlighten me on the path of manual configuration? What sort of IP tables rules would be needed to keep the traffic streams seperate, and where would I look for the configuration of VPN? One issue I'm wondering about is the assignment of "virtual" IPs to the VPN users - the cable NIC will get an IP via the ISP, but what IPs get assigned will get assigned to the users? Will we have a "magical make-believe subnet" which is neither global nor campus, and just have that subnet get access to the "real world"?

Any help greatly appreciated

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