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Wednesday, November 24th, 2004

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fedora 3 and yum
Hey, anyone out there with FC3 experience yum just hanging? I tried a really basic "yum install aterm" and it just hangs. No searching for libraries or anything. no nerbose option as far as I know (it's rather verbose by nature) so I'm not sure if I just missed the memo or if I need to do something new to it before it will work. my conf file looks alarmingly empty. Does it just come blank in this version?

On the bright side: I finally got FC3 up and running.

I was on Suse personal 9.1 yesterday and I'm sorry to say (suse folks) that I hated it. Maybe pro would have been a different story. Ahh well. Back to fedora.
DSL anyone?
Does anyone have DSL (or better yet, Verizon DSL) with Linux? I'm using an external modem right now with Dialup, but Verizon says I have DSL in my area (redneck-land).

First off, the lady keeps asking me what Linux is most like, Windows 2000 or WinXP... which can't be good. But I'm intrigued nonetheless. Any software I'd need or is it like dialup where it needs to be manually set?

Any info is good info... Not willing to shell out 30/mo if I can't even get it up and running.

SUSE Update from 9.1 to 9.2 over network

i have got suse 9.2 and copied the content of CDs to one directory on a PC in network. Now I whant to do update some CD-ROM-less PC's. I tried to mount the directory over network (NFS) and add this directory to Installation sources, but if i Start the Yast-"System Update" then I get an error message, that the update source is not available. Is it possible, to update a PC without CD-ROM?

Thanks for any ideas.

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