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Monday, November 22nd, 2004

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ok, this is very odd...

My computer froze, and I restarted it...but when it rebooted, it couldn't mount the root filesystem. (reiserfs)

my backup HD with Fedora Core 1, can't see a FS on it, Knoppix, couldn't either. Ran fsck.reiserfs, told me bad superblock, and it tried to fix it...asked if it had journaling, froze, and went on without me answering, which is odd in itself...

now, it says it can't rebuild the tree...

Any idea why the partition would suddenly become corrupted? It hasn't had a problem in the last few months I've been using that HD...had Gentoo installed (will not be going that route again...don't have the time)

Edit: have successfully rebuilt the tree (told it to scan entire partition)...I think some data was lost, but most seems to be there...will be burning backups of everything I can, and installing another version of Linux...

that really freaked me out :P its now 5:37 am...need sleep, but my computer needs me more...
Battery Backup solution for a server...
So I have a colocated server, and it went off this weekend due to a power-hic-up at the colo facility. They said it was less than a second, but my server has no battery backup so down it went.
I'm running linux on it (fedora core2).
I need a battery backup solution. Anyone have one that they particularly like?
I can't pay an arm and a leg, I'm look at $100 or less if possible.
Doesn't have to give me 5 hours of uptime without power, just has to be able to prevent the server going down because of a minor hic-up. 5 minute uptime is fine by me.

(x-posted a bit)

guess I should have specified, I'd like one that's interfacable so that I can have it shutdown the machine if the power doesn't return in a short period of time.

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