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Saturday, November 20th, 2004

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Semi-newbie to Linux, Complete newbie here.
Ok, Well this is my first time posting here so hang in with me. I have experimented with Linux in the past, but hae now decied to take the plunge and dedicate myself to hardcore learning of Linux. I am currently in a bit of a dillema here. I know it is usually good practice to partition your HD as to prevent loss of data (Found out the hard way the first time I dabbled in Linux, luckly I had linux on another HD.) Anyways I am currently in the process of determining how to partitopn my HD up, I have seen reccomendations but I thought I pass my idea of an HD partition scheme to you guys to see what you all think.

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I was also wondering about something else. I plan on trying to use the windows bootloader in the MBR instead of LILO or GRUB, I know the basic process and feel comfortable doing the work , but I was wondering if I could use knoppix to excute the appropiate command instead of a boot floppy and then write the linux.bin file over to my FAT partition on my primary HD. So in essance I want to do this: Install Linux, choose bootloader and install it into /boot, then boot into knoppix or DSL and execute a dd command to create a linux.bin file, go back inot windows and add the appropiate line into the boot.ini file. Does that sound about right?

Anyways thanks for listening and I hope one of you guys can help out.
PrimaScan Colorado 2400u Scanner not supported
What are my options if my scanner isn't supported by sane?
My password quit working
My password quit working, so I logged in as root and reset it. Does that mean that my b0x0r has been 0wn0r13d?
Photomosaic software for linux?
I've been looking around for photomosaic software for linux, somethng that will create large (like 100 megapixel and up) photo mosaics.  Does anyone know if something like this has been written for linux?  I've tried JImage already, but as far as I can tell, it isn't built to scale to this kind of image size.  I used to know of a decent command line photo mosaic generator, but I can't seem to find the link for it anymore...

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