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Friday, November 19th, 2004

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FC3 on new HD
Hey hey,

I found myself an little ol' extra harddrive and I'd like to put FC3 on it (so I can trouble shoot my parents computer problems from my desk). I can just throw the installation cd in, boot up, and choose the harddrive I want to install FC3 onto, right?

During the installation, FC3 wants to write the new MBR to my original harddrive (hda) where my current Gentoo install resides. Volcanoes of terror erupt in my mind when I read that. There is no option for writing it on the new HD (hdb), though, so I suspect either Fedora is a real jerk, or I'm freakin out for no raisin.

Someone soothe my nerves?
linux laser printer
I'd like recommendations for a moderately priced (less than $200, closer to $100 if possible) laser printer that is reliable and easy to use with Linux. I am a writer and have heard laser printers are a good value for writers/people that need to print lots and lots of pages because of the savings in ink cartridges.

Update: Thanks for all the advice. I took your comments into consideration while doing research of my own and ended up ordering a Samsung ML-2250 for $201.

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