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Monday, November 15th, 2004

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Time tracking software for linux
I’m looking for time tracking software for linux. It want something simple as I am a 1 person company. But I want something that can interface with my mysql database, and be scritable from the command line, so that my existing project scripts can manage it.

Any ideas?

Current Mood: tired
A little off-topic but interesting
Link to a site about a couple British guys who wanted to see how far they could overclock a 25mhz 486. It seems they even got it to run Half Life, sorta...
Attitude matters
On one occasion, one of [Microsoft's] programmers witnessed a demonstration given by Bruce at [WordPerfect's] COMDEX booth. The programmer, upon seeing some of the features, interrupted Bruce to tell him that some of the things he was demonstrating were impossible to do. It took real arrogance for the Microsoft programmer to dispute something he could see with his own eyes, and it was this kind of arrogance that showed in Microsoft's product.

-- W.E Pete Peterson, Almost Perfect

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