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Saturday, November 13th, 2004

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MS induced mime difficulty.
Running into a little problem here. Sylpheed uses metamail to handle attachment opening. I installed it and got it to work without any problems - as long as the mime types are read properly. I've noticed that Outlook (especially from Office XP) tends to ship everything out as application/octet-stream, most notably Office documents and PDFs. My thought was to write a script that would get called by metamail (from the /etc/mailcap file) that would take the argument, parse out the extension, and based on that would load it into the right program. The script is written - no problem. However, metamail refuses to invoke it. I'm really not sure where to go from here. I'll attach the relevant snippets of my mailcap and mime.types files.

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Of course if there's an easier solution that does not involve the WM, I'm all ears.

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ok, I tried installing Slackware to the system I mentioned before (HP Netserver 5/66)

kernel panic: no init found or something of that sort. Had a HELL of a time getting the floppies to write correctly from gentoo, kept giving me problems. using the adaptec.s boot floppy it at least finally would boot to it, but as soon as I put in the install.1 rootdisk, it ceases working with a kernel panic error saying something about init...

this system won't boot from cdrom (tried the sbootmgr disk, but it didn't even see the scsi cdroms as options to boot from...though it had both scsi HDs... tried it with both my knoppix and slackware cds in it...=\

any ideas on what would be giving the kernel panic? (I've never messed with slackware, and my gentoo install was relatively painless...)

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