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Friday, November 12th, 2004

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Linux networking problems
I run an OpenBSD bridging packet filter to protect my network and I make use of pf's "scrub" facility to normalize the traffic I accept and also the traffic I send. Recently I've been receiving complaints from Linux users, or users who sit behind Linux routers, that they were unable to receive traffic from websites I host.

After a few days of debugging I think I've isolated the incompatibility to bugs within the Linux kernel version All users who report problems have been using that version of the kernel. 2.6.9 seems to resolve the problems. this LJ entry contains some of the debugging we did.

I'd encourage anyone using to upgrade to 2.6.9 -- it seems that has some showstopping problems dealing with fragmented IPV4 traffic, particularly where it has passed through a scrubbing firewall.
A few months ago I posted a link here to an article comparing Linux and BSD. Many of you commented that you enjoyed the article, so when I came across this one I thought I should post it as well.

This article is similar in premise but focuses more on the technical differences, comparing equivalent commands, etc. Worth a read, I think.
Choices... choices...
I will get to the point eventually. Bear with me. I need to vent a bit first. Keep in mind, the last time I wired a network I used point-to-point coax and everything had a hardwired IP address. The terms of a modern network confuse the living spit out of me.

Anyways, I've had my ADSL connection for a few days now, which is a story in itself and I configured the PPPoE by the most expedient method - clicking around in Gnome until the ADSL connection worked. However, deciding whether to stay fuzzy or save the world was just feathery compared to reconfiguring my new Westell 327W router/modem, which wouldn't have been my equipment choice, but came with my DSL connection.

Hell, I couldn't even connect to the configuration interface of the router (at first), even though I could connect to the ADSL gateway. Serendipitously, I found this article, otherwise I'd not have known to turn on DHCP and let the router tell me my IP address. That was progress, but next I had to fight to discover the factory-default user/password and change it: Google was my friend, because the manufacturer's manual wasn't (nary even a mention). I added a user. I changed the defaults. I turned off wireless. Explored... anyhow, I digress...

My GNU/Linux related question is: do I continue to let my Fedora box generate the PPPoE through xDSL and firewall the connection in software, or should I offload that functionality to the router? What's the upside? The downside? The security implications?


PS - I've no plans to run any servers at all. This is a consumer line after all.

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