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Thursday, November 11th, 2004

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Is there any reason I can't get a .gz file on a floppy? windows seems to be able to put them on fine, but when i copy it (some scsi drivers that need to stay .gz for the boot disk i'm using them on) it removes the .gz on them...

just for background info, I got an old HP Netserver 5/66 from a friend, but not the admin password...I've found a utility to change it, but as the HDs are scsi, have to get a driver for them...made one floppy using windows, turned out to be a bad floppy and nothing could be gotten off it, but now, I can't get to the windows machine (another room, with people sleeping). Linux won't let me copy the files right...I was really hoping to access NT tonight, find any info (specs and whatnot) I can, and then, if I feel like it, try installing a small Linux distro, to run Seti@home and mess around with
Debian Stable?
So, with some assistance from a far more knowledgable friend, I have a Debian box working fairly well. Samba is working happily, it's got minimal services running.

The other day, I was copying some files from CDs to the hard drive. I'd put a CD in, then

~/$ mount /cdrom
~/$ cp -r /cdrom/* .
~/$ umount /cdrom

Change CDs, rinse and repeat.

For some reason, I kept getting kernel panics during the copying process, on about every third CD or so. After rebooting, I'd kick off the copy again, and it would happily finish copying from the CD, after listing a bunch of errors for the files already copied.

The partition the files are going to is ReiserFS, the source drivce is the DVD-ROM from which I installed Debian.

Any ideas as to what could be the cause of this?

If there is more information that would be useful, just let me know, and I'll be happy to provide it.
Distro Selection
Hello, everyone.
I have a Pent-MMX/200MHz with 81920KB of RAM and a Trident Blade 3D with 8MB.
I'm wondering what distro would run best on this machine. I'm thinkg of using it for a MySQL server for my LAN, as well as a kick-around-and-learn box, but speed is my main concern on this machine. Any suggestions?
As we just had another topic similar, figured i'd ask and not hijack that thread :P

I just got an old HP Netserver 5/66 LF from a mentor at my tech school. 66mhz Pentium, 80 megs of ram, 2 1 gig scsi HDs, 3 scsi cdroms, scsi tape drive...beyond that, I don't know much, and as its running NT, and I know nothing of how to check info on NT (such as video ram...other than that it can go max 800x600 at 16 colors)...

What would be a good distro? it can't boot from cdrom, for starters, tried that with knoppix to see if i'd be able to get anything, before I managed to find out the password for it...no luck...

may end up not giving it a gui, and something to learn on, perhaps to mess around learning to set up firewalls and such, just something simple...

I run Gentoo on my main system now, and it took long enough to build that, i'm not sure I want to try compiling it on a 66mhz system ;)

I'd like something that can install in a short time, as I've had trouble installing with my KVM switch before, and I'd like not to be without my main system for too long (no extra monitors/keyboards/mice for me :( )

if I can't get it working, and since I don't have an NT disk to install networking (apparently NT got reinstalled a bit back and no networking was installed o.O doesn't that defeat the purpose of it being a server?) it may end up as a cool looking end table ;)

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