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Tuesday, November 9th, 2004

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Slackware 10.0
Hey, hey!

Would Slackware 10.0 be the best distro to learn all there is to learn about linux on a system that doesn't have an ethernet connection? Do the two disks contain everything one would need to have a fullly functional desktop?
Mozilla FireFox 1.0 Released
Today marks the beginning of the 2nd browser wars. FireFox 1.0 is released!
crond question
Hey, anyone know what this is?
Collapse )

I can't seem to get a satisfactory answer out of anyone. I mean, i sort of know what it is, but I'm not suure how to make it go away (I could do with less mail than hourly). No satisfactory answers on google or redhat.

The system is running redhat 9.0 with some reasonbly heavy modifications (it's a work server).
firefox 1.0 wont launch
Anyone using the new firefox 1.0 having difficulties on your linux box?
I deleted my themes and extensions, uninstalled the old version I had on my box, saved my bookmarks, I never did bother to create a profile, I find them annoying.
But after I installed the new Firefox, it wont launch! I'm not sure what the problem is.
If anyone has had this problem and has fixed it, please let me know how. Thanks
Semi-OT question.
My old, recently replaced, laptop is suffering from nothing worse than a completely shot LCD panel. I'm considering replacing the dusty old HP Pavilion I use as an all-purpose server with the laptop.. any thoughts on this plan? Would it be a bad idea to leave a laptop running 24-7? I'm running the ever-unpopular (at least on this forum) SuSE Pro 9.1 on it right now, so adapting it to a server box would be no big problem.

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