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Monday, November 8th, 2004

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what should I do to deny access for certain users to bash (local and via ssh) ?
thanks =)
Kinda OT: Looking for a Sharp Zaurus SL-5600
I'm looking to get a new PDA and decided to get a Zaurus. I have been a long time Palm user and with my Zire71 broken, I think the SL-5600 is a nice upgrade. PalmOne is just not keeping up with the pack in terms of hardware specs and there is no way I would get a PocketPC.

Anyone have an idea of where I can pick one up new? I rather not get one used but if that's my only option, so be it =]
Enterprise Grade Linux
I'm interested in seeing what the major Linux vendors are trying to push as their enterprise/uber-server grade distros. Trying to find them has been a bit of a bummer so far though, distrowatch didn't much beyond RHEL and its free clones. Does SuSE have a "big-business server" distro out yet? I know Novell just released their version of desktop Linux, is their server offering out yet?

I know that as an individual user, I will never ever in a billion years need the stuff that enterprise grade OSes offer, and that if I wanted my own server I'd be much better off doing an LFS system. I'm just curious to see what's being pushed as the "big box" versions of Linux.
Novell Linux Desktop
Novell released their "Novell Linux Desktop 9". Basically a refined Suse 9.1 Pro with SLES goodies, and some refinements geared for business use. Here's the Link:


Also, something OMG WAY COOL for those of us managing more than one desktop, you can run the NLD installer via vnc from a browser. Running an install via VNC is cool in it's own right, and something you can do with other distros/OSes, but including a Java applet so you can just use a browser is way, way cool. Just add VNC=1 as a flag before booting the installer.

Anyway, I have a screenshot of installing (heh, bear with me here) NLD 9 on a Virtual Machine using VMware. The host OS is Suse 9 :). The browser is Konqueror, and yeah, it works great.

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Fedora 3
Anyone checked out fedora 3 yet (just came out)? Any word on it? If not I'm goign to get it and I'll fill everyone in once I have it, but I'd like ot hear somehting about it before I go full tilt, if the information is out there.
Email Client Recommendation?
Hi, everyone.
I'm using RH7.3 with KDE 3.0.0-10, I just migrated my internet connection from a Wintel, and I'm looking for an email client reasonably similar to what I was using under Windoze. The clients that came with the distribution all have multiple POP accounts tying into a single SMTP account, but I want to keep my accounts totally separate, each having its own POP and SMTP servers.
Can someone recommend an email client that fits this description?
Thanks in advance.

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