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Sunday, November 7th, 2004

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/dev/hdc1 ... grrr
Asked in the LinuxSupport community to little effect.

I've reinstalled RH9 on my server (did try slackware, but i've been babied my RH for too long and I needed this back up soon), but now it won't mount the 2nd hdd. Ive tried it as secondary master and primary slave (with jumpers set correctly). My BIOS sees it, and Linux sees it when it boots (it shows hdc as the WDC... hdd) but when I try to mount it (both at boot with fstab and from the CL) it tells me that hdc is not a valid block device.

The sad thing is, it was working just fine before I reinstalled. Now it doesn't want to work at all. Its an 80GB hdd with a single (ext3) partition. I was using it as my ftp storage.

Thanks for the help, you people are priceless :-D

Actual output:
ide-floppy driver 0.99.newide
hdc: driver not present
/dev/hdc1 is not a valid block device

Current Mood: aggravated
Fedora Core 2
Hey hey,

I put Fedora Core 2 on my roommates computer assuming it would be relatively low maintanence for someone who doesn't really care about how their computer runs. However, be damned if I can get anything to install. I suppose I've just been spoiled by portage.

Is there anything like portage for FC2? Or is can I put portage on FC2? I don't really wanna worry about dependancies and all that whizbang. What about Apt-get?

Thanks again, :D
URL handling is broken...
Not sure what happened, but just recently it has started to occur that when I click on a URL link in KMail or a Kopete window, my system launches Quanta+.

I am getting a little tired of it.

I tried Gole (Linux repository) and searched the SuSE Linux English archives I have on my drive to no avail.

Any ideas where to change this?


Current Mood: frustrated

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