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Thursday, November 4th, 2004

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Some time ago I posted the specs of a computer I was going to buy and wanted to know whether or not it was Linux compatible.

AMD Box Sempron 2400+ 333 256kB
MAXTOR 40GB U133 7200rpm 2MB
TWINMOS 512 MB PC2700 DDR333
some DVD (not specified which type)

Now, I had some trouble with this and that, but I managed to survive the smoke test. Currently the system is up and running, however for some reason I can't get Xorg to work with my videocard.

Collapse )
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance...
Recovery partition
Hey hey,

I've got one of those laptops (Acer Travelmate) that comes with Windows on a recovery partition and a few cd's, but no bootable windows installation cd. I'd like to format, and put linux on it.

1) If I remove the partition with windows installed on it (C:) and put linux in its place, but leave the recovery partition (D), will I be able to put windows back on at a later date?

2) Is it difficult to format only one partition into a linux file system while not destroying the other?

3) Is there anyway I can make an image of the windows recovery partition (D) so that if I accidentally destroy the partition during the linux install, I can simply recreate the partition and put the image back? If so, how?

I think thats it. Any help would be appreciated.
Have you guys heard good or bad things about Mepis?

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