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Monday, November 1st, 2004

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morning troll from /.

let the flamewars begin.
iPod/XMMS/Knoppix part 2
OK, I got my iPod to mount as /mnt/sda2 (not sure why the 2, but it works so I won't screw with it).

Now I need to know how to install an XMMS AAC plugin when Knoppix has a read-only filesystem.

Actually, first I need to know which one to install, as there seem to be two of them at the XMMS website. I need one that can read .m4a files without my having to rename them; I know a while back when I installed an AAC plugin it was too dumb to do that; I had to rename the files to .aac. That's not going to be an option with my iPod.

Second, I need to know just how to do it. I've created a /mnt/sda2/bin directory and added it to my path (with a PATH="$PATH:/mnt/sda2/bin" in my .bashrc), that much I do know how to do. However, the plugin apparently wants some specialized library files, libfaad, installed too, and I don't know how to do that. I can put them in a lib directory on my iPod, but I don't know how to change the configuration file to make Knoppix look there.

I don't suppose there's an AAC plugin/libraries .deb package available, is there? I think I could install that if I used the --root flag of dpkg...

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Dual head
Hey hey,

Is there any way to send windows between monitors on a dual headed machine without using xinerama?

Ask Livejournal
After a short discussion in a topic recently right here it seems to me that people here like Gentoo, Debian, SuSE, and RH9/Fedora Core.

What I was wondering is what does each of these distros have above the other. I've used all 4, however currently only use Debian and Gentoo out of the bunch. I use these mainly due to their package managers, and installation features (apt and portage respectively) My personal favorite is Debian, just due to the fact that I dont have to sit around waiting for things to compile when I wish to use them at that exact moment in time.

I consistently here linux users recommend FC and SuSE to beginners also. So I come to you, for a FRIENDLY debate on what you think the best distro(s) are and why. Even though I think everyone agrees there is no one best distro. I would just like to see what the LJ community feels they like most. Don't be limited to just the distros I have mentioned either.
I posted this on linuxnewbies, but I haven't gotten a reply yet, and I'm impatient.

Even if I were to find a driver for my wireless DSL card (D-Link DWL-G510 802.11g/2.4GHz Wireless PCI Adapter), how would I implement the driver?

I use Red Hat.

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