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Sunday, October 31st, 2004

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XP Pro and Linux
Simple question and I'm sure a million different answers. I want to run SUSE Linux and XP Pro on a single HD. What is the optimal partition mapping and size for a 60gig HD? Like for swap files and such. I will prolly use XP Pro as my primary OS till I become more savy with linux. It's been like 5 years since I worked with UNIX. Thanks in advance for the advise.
RSA/Token Key
I'm looking for some sort of secure Token to use as password protection for my workstation. Can anyone recommend a certain brand/solution? Even biometric/fingerprint would be nice/alternative.
Question: Fedora Core 2

I'm migrating a server from Redhat 8 to new build of fedora.

Is there a way, or a tool, or something, to let me move the users with their passwords from one to the other?
I'm guessing I can't just copy the shadow file...
cross backups
Since I'm about to update my server to new hardware, I'm being reminded of the importance of backups. I'm doing a really brute force backup of the userspace files by doing an
scp -pr directorytree desktopmachine:backuppartition

I realized that this is taking up a bunch of extra space because it just decends the symlinks like they were in the directory tree.

Is there something easy, simple and convenient for backing up from one machine on a LAN to another? If my house burns down and both machines are cooked, I'm hosed, but short of offsite backups, this seems to be the most expedient way of backing up, if I set it up as a chron job. I can save my desktop data on my server, and my server on my desktop.

I've got a tremndous number of duplicate files, due to brute force backups. At the price of harddrive space, it's not worth the time to go through and cull duplicate files. I'd love something that would keep the main copy, and the "newest" (or some other selection criterion) backup, of identical files, and delete all the spurious extras. This way if a file changes from backup tree to backup tree, even with the same name, I'll have a "change" history. On the other hand it'll clear out all the duplicate copies so that I don't have to search through every one if I'm looking for an older version. Not to mention reducing the amount of backup copies I have lying around.
Using an iPod w/ Knoppix?
I use the latest Knoppix liveCD on my computer at work. (The alternative is to use Windows; I like Linux better. :)

I just obtained a 20 gig iPod. I can use it with my winbox at home, but I'd like to be able to use it with my computer at work, too—without having to give up Knoppix.

So, some questions...

  1. How would I go about making Knoppix recognize the iPod as an external hard drive?

  2. Can the version of xmms that comes with Knoppix grok .m4a files? If so, could I just have it read the iPod's internal storage directory? (I'd lose out on the songs I bought through the iTMS, but at least I'd be able to play all the other stuff.)

  3. Or, conversely, can I install the iPod drivers and iTunes-for-Windows software under WINE? (The truly elegant thing would be to install them in and run them off of the iPod's own disk drive. :)

  4. Is there some other Linux iPod support option of which I'm unaware?

Thanks for any answers you can give...

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