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Saturday, October 30th, 2004

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Checking/flushing RAM
I just installed an additional 256MB dimm to my laptop, maxing it out at 512 (thanks Toshiba). Before the upgrade I was using all but 4mb of the physcial RAM - now with the upgrade it's about the same.

Is there anyway I can check what is eating up all my physcial memory? I'm using suse 9 pro

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where does squirrelmail keep users individual configs?
I've been trying to configure the resolver to wait 10 seconds for response before checking the next nameserver. These are very slow DNS during the day and I need to wait extra long for them to respond to an A? inquiry. I use the following line in my resolv.conf:

options timeout:10

which seems to be correct according to the manpage for resolv.conf. Yet when I view the packets in tcpdump I observe that all three DNS are quickly checked one after another, with a five second pause between each set of three. At no time is there a ten second pause.

I've tried values up to 1000 with no apparent effect.

Any thoughts? Other than the Internet is rather useless without a DNS and 0230 is very late to be logging in just to have exclusive use of one.


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