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Friday, October 29th, 2004

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Even after you vote.
What are you going to do after the election?

Do more than vote.
mouse problems
i'm having some random problems with my mouse

i'm running slack10 and using the logitech cordless elite duo. my keyboard is set up for the logitech cordless desktop pro, and the mouse for the mx700 (as best as i could get it). the problem i come across, is sometimes when i boot up linux, the pointer only moves up and down. basically, when i move the mouse right, the pointer goes up, left makes it go down. moving the mouse up and down don't make the pointer do anything. pushing the buttons causes the mouse to jump either left or right. it does this in both Xorg and when using gpm...which tells me it's got more to do with than my xorg.conf file.
i use: /usr/bin/gpm -m /dev/input/mice -t ps/2
to start the gpm server
/dev/mouse doesn't work at all. i've tried imps/2 as well as ExplorerPS/2(what i use for my xorg.conf) even though i dunno if gpm supports that. none of them work. the weird thing..is that occassionally i'll start up, and it'll work fine. however...i do believe i have the problem mostly when i reboot after linux crashes, freezes, or does something that keeps me from shutting it down normally. needless to say, it doesn't happen often at all...but when it does, i can't seem to find a simple solution to get my mouse working again.

MX700 Mouse (Part of the Logitech Cordless Elite Duo)
A7V8X Mobo
Kernel: 2.4.26

i run a dual boot with windows xp. i think i heard somewhere that someone was having problems with their mouse, and it only worked then they booted into windows shut down, then booted into linux. i'll try that...but even if that works...there has to be something to fix this.
if any more info could help, let me know//

Current Mood: aggravated
I might have lost my media files!
Device Boot Start End Blocks ID System
/dev/hda1 * 1 76629 38620984+ 83 Linux
/dev/hda2 76630 77622 500472 f W95 Ext'd (LBA)
/dev/hda5 76630 77622 500440+ 82 Linux Swap

I am currently on hdb with my SuSe 9.1 Professional
I was partitioning my HDB during setup, and am afraid I might have messed up my HDA.
I accidently typed /hda instead of /hdb once and didn't realize it right away, I THOUGHT I was able to back out of it but now that I can't mount it, I'm not sure.
I have TONS of media files (over 700) on hda
but when I try to mount it
mount -t /mnt/hda1 (or any number) /mnt/hda
It doesn't show anything there.
If I lost my media files I'm going to be so upset.
If anyone could help me figure out if there's still stuff on this HD, if I didn't accidently delete a particular partion, etc, I'd majorly appreciate it.
I can't figure out how full each partition is or anything, I'm still fairly new to linux.
Sorry for my bad grammer, I'm freaking out right now.
Help Please!

x-posted, sorry, I HAVE to get this figured out before I die of panic. heh

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...Very Off-Topic...
I know it’s still a few days from Halloween, but Collapse )

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