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Thursday, October 28th, 2004

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Thesis (X-posted)
I'm x-posting this to the linux community because I personally believe that they are more aware of the workings and insecurity of the Internet.

I recently had a conversation with my promotor on the subject of my thesis. I'll be writing about "securing networks in a corporate environment".

Now I was wondering what approach I should take. There are so many things to be said on the subject.
I have numerous things I want to include, but I fail to put all elements into structure.

Any ideas of how, what and in what order...


Current Mood: confused
Ooh! Gotcha! :D

'The pre-release version of the report read: "Linux would appear to offer numerous strengths in terms of security." In the final version this became: "There is no definitive answer on the relative security merits of open or closed-source software."'

Current Mood: you're nicked!
Teaching bad DIMMs a lesson
Recently, in running some very memory intensive applications, it's come to my attention that there may be some bad RAM in my machine. Rather than just test the two DIMMs and scrap the bad one, I'd like to test the existing memory with a utility such as Memtest86 and tell the system to ignore bad sectors with BadMEM.

Before I get started with this, I thought I should ask here if anyone has any experiences with BadMEM (or BadRAM.)

I hope I'm not offending anyone by asking such vague questions, but... has this screwed up anyone's systems, made your life a living hell, etc? Is it the greatest invention ever? Any tips? Anyone happen to know if Mandrake 10 includes any such utilities?

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