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Wednesday, October 27th, 2004

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GDM problem
I upgraded Xorg and installed ati drivers a while ago and things just stopped working. I fixed the Keyboard, kbd, error and I could use X with startx.
So now X works fine, but GDM won't work. It hangs after X starts. KDM starts fine, as does XDM...GDM just doesn't.

I'm running slackware 10.0 on a dell latitude C610

I get from syslog
Oct 27 01:40:07 xeno2 gdm[1748]: gdm_slave_xioerror_handler: Fatal X error - Restarting :0

and from messages the last one I get is:
Oct 27 01:21:30 xeno2 kernel: [drm] Used old pci detect: framebuffer loaded

I'm going to turn on debug and try to restart gdm later. If no one can give me any info from here I'll post up the added syslog info then.

Well, looks like someone hit my server here at the house. I think I'm switching from RH9 (just cause I want to try something different, going with Slackware 10), but my problem is this: I need to get the info from my old MySQL db. I know how to dump it if I was on the actual system, but I need to know how to get it now. I'm using a knoppix LiveCD to back up all of the files on the hdd, and I was hoping it wouldn't be too hard to get my db as well. Thanks guys!

Current Mood: nervous
Mozilla will not start again
This is totally blowing my mind. Thought I'd shoot it your way.

Occasionally (not always) when I open Mozilla (1.4.3, build 2004080513) and then finish with it it will not open back up later (ie, I check email, close mozilla and then it just won't open). Mozilla's bigsite didn't turn anyhting up immediately (ie after fifteen minutes). I saw some similar situations where Mozilla hangs, but that seems to be it failing to open properly, but at least the mozilla process runs and uses cpu.

I'm running CentOS which is not unlike RedHat Entprise2. I'm using WindowMaker as a DE and Mozilla is usually being launched from a docked icon.

When this happens I launch mozilla (command=mozilla) and it opens fine. Then I close it out. When i try to open it back up nothing happens (whether I use the docked icon or run from the command line). Checking the active processes I see run-mozilla running so I kill it. Then I try to run mozilla again to no effect. I don't even get a process for it. I run a killall mozilla just to be safe to no effect.

I am curently in this state (it won't run). Here is the contents of my ps-A file.
Collapse )

I can't get past this.

Exiting my session and logging back on solves the problem, but simply restarting Windowmaker without logging off does not solve the problem.

Burning a bootable CD
I just loaded the file:

from debian.org

and am trying to burn a bootable CD on my Fedora Core 2 desktop, and I'm having a devil of a time of it.
needs to be run as boot, and burns a cd with the iso image as a file
dd complains that /dev/cdwriter or /dev/hdc is a write only file system

If I go into the menu from in the corner and find a cd writer program it only makes music cds (xroast?)

Alex, I'd like to buy a clue.
ATI drivers + Xorg 6.8
I'd really like to be able to use the fancy new composite stuff available as of xorg-6.8.0. Unfortunately, it slows my computer down way too much for me to leave it on permanently. I'm thinking that the reason for this is that I'm using the xorg radeon driver instead of ATI's binary drivers. If I try to install ati-drivers (Gentoo ebuild) it wants to downgrade to xorg-6.7.0, which defeats the purpose of the change to ati-drivers. Are the ATI drivers completely incompatible with Xorg 6.8 and am I just SOL here or have people had success convincing them to work together?
Thanks in advance...
Verizon question... (biting the broadband bullet)
After 11 years on dial-up I'm biting the broadband bullet. I've scheduled an installation with Verizon in February (think I gave them enough lead time, haha?).

Does anyone have any specific experience with Verizon, re: Linux (any distribution), that they'd like to share? While I have wired my own network (coax), I'm a complete tyro when it comes to the demands of broadband. What do I need to know? What questions should I ask? Does anyone know what connection system Verizon uses? Beyond the "Google is your friend" approach can anyone share personal specifics?


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