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Saturday, October 23rd, 2004

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ASUS MthBd -V- Linux ?
I have an opportunity to buy an ASUS P4R800-VM mother board. It's one of those all in one deals with onboard sound, 3D, eth and etcera. A mini-ATX would be a good addition to my lounge room as a multi-media machine.

Google shows inconclusive results for the likelyhood of it running Linux well. A few results showed people having trouble about 5 months ago. Several others showed people resolving issues. Also ASUS have driver files on their website.

Therefore I'm a little confused. It looks like I will have the normal amount of trouble getting it to playball ;) but it should work out.

Has anyone had any direct experience with this board and can offer any advice OR anoyone else have any comments on it?
Hi everyone.
I'm wondering what the command is to rip sound from a video? I have done it before (a .avi to a .ogg) but I really can not remember how I did it.
But after I do that, I'd like to know how to edit these. Like, say there is five minutes of talking, talking, talking after a live video ends. If I'm going to add it to my playlist, I'd like to edit that out. Or even if there's something in the middle I want. Am I going to have to get a program to do this or will I be able to tell it to take the audio from this time to another time?
Stripping images from a PDF
I have a PDF that contains both text and images, and I would like to be able to print only the text. Many of the images are full-page, and make the printed page harder to read (not to mention wasting toner).

I've tried using pdf2html, pdftohtml, pstotext, but run into problems because the text is in two columns or a in a table, so the output isn't acceptable. I have also tried running GIMP on the file in both PDF and PostScript formats, but it doesn't seem to put text and images in different layers. Acrobat Reader 5.0.9 doesn't have the ability either. Copying and pasting from the PDF to OpenOffice Writer or MS Word (via Crossover Office) doesn't work well either -- special characters don't copy properly -- and is manually intensive.

I don't necessarily need the text exported -- I'd just like an image-free print-out.

I'm running x86 Gentoo, with CUPS as my printing system.

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