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Thursday, October 21st, 2004

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How is SATA support for FC2? I plan to install linux on a new SATA HDD, while leaving my old HDD's Windows intact so that I can dual boot. Any feedback?
i've had this laptop, a dell inspirion 5100 for awhile, running only windoze... i was having issues with xp, so i created a new, fresh partition, put a fresh copy of windoze on the new partition... just a while ago i was running partition magic:

C was primary, E was logical. i wanted to get rid of C, and then use that partition to put in suse linux. however, partition magic told me after i deleted the c partition that i had to assign a primary partition, so of course i set E to be the primary partition. applied changes, said to reboot, it rebooted... erasing c took a while... then it rebooted, only to say:

No bootable devices -- strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility

WTF? so i grabbed my dell recover cd with windoze on it, put it in, rebooted... same message. wtf? grabbed my old XP cd, put that in, rebooted... same message. grabbed my copy of red hat, suse, and mandrake (i tried all 3, in the end i liked suse better) and put the cd's in. same messages. i know these cd's are bootable, i've my computer set up so it'd try to boot from cd's first, hard drive second, then usb storage device third. i dont have a bootable usb storage device... i can't boot from EITHER my hard drive OR my cd's!!! what do i do here? i NEED the laptop for tomorrow's class and lab! please help me out here... all of the data from my engineering experiments are on E, and i CANNOT afford to lose any of the data i have saved!

thanks in advance
- Jesse
I know nothing about Linux.

My friend installed Mandrake 10.1 and is having a problem getting into the KDE - he gets a Fatal error: No screens found

Any suggestions?

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