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Wednesday, October 20th, 2004

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Gramar question
When you are ending a sentance with an email address of URL how do you position the period so it does not seem part of the email or URL? Maybe just a space before the period like this . Is there a convention on this?

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my desktop is currently dual booting gentoo and windows, and i use it to play music, among other things. under windows, my sound quality is great (i cant tell the difference anyway), but when im in linux, the quality is just horrible. it sounds very tinny, and listening to piano music is just painful. i thought for a while that this was just a problem with linux, but i reinstalled my system a few days ago (remember my comment about qtparted working great for moving/resizing reiserfs partitions? yeah... ignore that), and i decided to use knoppix instead of the gentoo livecd so i could listen to music during the install. much to my surprise, the sound quality was just as good as it is in windows. the only thing i can think of thats different in knoppix is that it runs arts... does that really affect sound quality? ive been trying to go with just straight alsa, but something is apparently not right with the way im doing it. any thoughts would be appreciated.

x-posted to gentoo

update, now that im back at my computer: lspci says its a Via Technologies, Inc. VT8233/A/8235/8237 AC97 Audio Controller (rev 50). the module im using is snd_via82xx. the problem is the same using either alsa or oss output, but im not using any kind of software mixer.
No hits in newbies so far, so I'll drop it here . . .

So I installed plugger 5.1.3 and I'm trying ot get streaming audio on opera. I clicked on a streaming audio link (I chose media player since realplayer was my only other option and I have mplayer working) and then a download box came up. I set the preferences in there to use plugger by default and then proceeded. My screen went black and basically just sat, frozen.

Thoughts? In mozilla I just get a blank white page, but the end result is the same. Anyone? I don't even know where to start here (knowing next to nothign about streaming audio).

Crossposted to newbies at nine this morning.
I am fond of my current login screen. I would like xorg to be started automatically when a regular user logs in, but not when root logs in. My shell of choice is bash. Now, how would one go about this?

I thought of adding startx to my .bash_profile but I realized that this file would be sourced when I logged in via ssh (I believe.)
not specifically linux, but linux machines are involved, and... well... there's a bunch of good brains in this community.

Here's a wireless/wired networking problem that I've been banging my head against.
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Swap/ram priority
Is there any way to force a program to swap after a certain amount of ram usage? I run a webserver, and it's very important that apache not need to swap. However I sometimes run programs on the same machine that are really ram intensive. I'd like to force those programs to swap early (before ram is used up) to keep ram free for apache.

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