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Tuesday, October 19th, 2004

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Does anyone use a program to download music? I am looking around for one and wanted to get your opinion. I heard limewire is good... what do you all use if you download music?

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Something I've never understood about Linux software packages...

How come, on Fedora Core 2, the latest RPM of Firefox is version 0.9.3 when the latest version of Firefox is 1.0 (preview release)? And how come the latest RPM of Thunderbird is 0.6, when the latest "real" version is 0.8?

Also GNOME 2.8 has been out for a little while now, but there don't appear to be any RPMs of it for FC2...

Why is there such a delay between the release of software and the availability of RPMs of it?
gentoo install on 500mhz celeron
two questions:
1) the celeron uses the x86 architecture, right?
2) when i try unzipping portage from the universal cd (i dont have network access) i get an unrecoverable error about input/output. depending on the flags i use when i load the install kernel, it happens at various points during the unzip. i've found that in order to get to a working kernel, i have to use the ide=nodma flag, and i've tried messing with some of the other flags with no better results. does anyone have any thoughts on this? thanks a bunch.
I was looking for a cheap computer for college lately because I don't wanna take my home box with me. After a bit of looking I found this:

AMD Box Sempron 2400+ 333 256kB
MAXTOR 40GB U133 7200rpm 2MB
TWINMOS 512 MB PC2700 DDR333
some DVD (not specified which type)

Now the only OS I wanna put on this, is Linux (duh). What worries me is that supposedly the MSI mobo has all onboard.
Can anyone tell me if this setup is compatible with Linux (preferably Gentoo).

Current Mood: curious
I saw a post in this community by thatgirlcaitlin on the subject of downloading music...And the comment about using Usenet. That got me thinking...What is the general consensus whe
it comes to binary grabbers? I've played a bit with Aub, but never fully got it to work...I think that may have been because of the retention rate of the server I was using, however I was
never quite able to verify that. Thanks!

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