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Monday, October 18th, 2004

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Networking question
(crossposted to Slackware)

I have a Slackware server that is sitting on one subnet with a single NIC and one IP address bound to it. How feasible is it to toss in a second NIC, and have the server also listen to requests from that second NIC, which would be assigned a second IP address, but from a completely different subnet? From my limited understanding of networking, this isn't possible because only one default gateway can really be configured for the machine, is this correct? Thanks in advance!
News ticker, RSS feeds
Anyone know any cool science, engineering and technology feeds?
Watching computer movies on TV
So I have been downloading TV Shows and movies, and the girls are enjoying watching them. THe problem is that they use my iBOok G4 to do the watching. This is a problem as I need to use the iBook to do work on. I have an old computer I think its a PII that is not doing anything and I was thinking maybe just maybe it could be used to watch movies on. It has a network card and we could get it a tv output card. Then we would just have to run an ethernet jack to near the TV and it could be left there and left hooked up. Anyone have any good ideas on how to do this? As of now it doesn’t even have an OS on it, but we could fix that easy enough. I think its a P2 with 64mb of RAM is this enough to do this with? It would make my life easier.

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Hard Disk upgrades
Out of curiousity, what do you do when you upgrade the HDD in your Linux box? Do you do a fresh OS install and just tar up /home? Or do you leave the old HDD in place and just create a new mountpoint for the new drive? Do you use a utility like Ghost to move the filesystems to a new drive?

This is out of curiousity. I've always done it by formatting the new disk, partitioning it, then using cp -ax to move everything over while at runlevel 1. I was talking to one of the other guys I work with about this, and he insisted there must be an easier way (well, I'm sure there is.. you can always just use dd - but that has pains of it's own..).

List away. I'll add the answers to the memories for linuxsupport.
missing libcrypto.so.4 on a gentoo system
i'm missing libcrypto.so.4, on a gentoo system, which is part of the openssl package. i've emerged openssl-0.9.7d which is supposed to provide me with libcrypto.so.4 (isn't it?) but i'm not able to find it anywhere...

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Kernel 2.6.9 released!
Read the official announcement. Go get it from your favorite mirror!

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Distro for a media PC
OK building a media PC is a bit outside what I have done before. So I have this PC, a friend is giving me a TV output card which should take care of that part of it but the next question is software. Which distro should I use? What I want is something that can give me a On screen display, as I all this will have in terms of monitor is a TV set, and a rather crappy one at that. It should also be able to pull the files over the house lan from a SMB or NFS share. Other than that it should be as stripped down as posible. Its an old and slow computer with limited disk space.

I am currently downloading debian, but am open to other ideas. To be honest I would rather something red hat/RPM based, just because I've been doing red hat for years.


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