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Sunday, October 17th, 2004

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xmms problem.
I'm not really having any major problems at the moment, but, xmms is acting weird.

When I open it regularly, and try to play an mp3.. It freezes, and sometimes crashes. Okay. So then I open it from a command line by typing "xmms" of course, it opens, and plays like a dream!

Any clue on why it would be doing that?

I use MDK 10.0

Current Mood: hopeful
I'm thinking of setting up a Honeypot on my server, since I've getting many attempted logins from users such as test, guest, apache, etc...The IP ranges tend to vary. And I'm curious as to
what these people try to do once they log into a system...And I figure it would be funny to scare them once they get a message from Root saying something like...No fucking around, I am
watching! I have process accounting turned on in my 2.6.6 kernel, and I'm planning on setting the shell to a script, which when called, will run a self-contained system inside a chroot.
Therefore the guest user won't have access to the rest of the filesystem, they will be able to play with things that I give them. I have also disabled root logins via SSH, the user has to su.
Anyone have any other ideas as to what to do while tracking the intruders? Edit...One more thing I thought of. Keep a realtime tail on their .bash_history file.
Jumping ship to Linux
So the time has come for me to install Linux on my Mac. I'm wondering which distro to go with. I have a iMac G3 PPC32 (rev. C 333mhz).

Debian, Gentoo, Yellow Dog Linux, SuSe, Mandrakelinux, Fedora, ROCK Linux, CRUX?

I'm leaning towards Gentoo and YDL. I will use it primarily for homework, internet and programming (Java and C++).
2 screens
OK so I have a linux box and 2 mac laptops on my desk. I use the linux server via KDE or gnome over VNC. This works quite well. However what I want to know is this. I have 2 monitors and can in theory have 2 vnc sessions on them. Is there a way to have the same gnome or kde session on both vnc sessions, so I can look at different virtual screens.

Current Mood: curious

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