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Friday, October 15th, 2004

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Two questions
Hey hey, can someone lend a hand?

Why do I have to rerun khotkeys to get my XMMS hotkeys to work after closing xmms down. In my mind, the two programs should run independent of each other, alas, every time I open xmms, I have to also open a terminal and run khotkeys before they work.

And where would I find information on how to use the tv-out option on my nVidia card with linux? :D

Thank ye's,
A neat Mac OSX feature I want....
We are doing user interfaces in graphics now, and our lecturer has a Mac OS X and was showing us some of the things it can do. (I must admit it looks pretty). One thing he showed us was a handy way of moving between windows when you have loads of windows open. It looked like he pressed a key that made the screen zoom out and all the windows reorganized themselves so that no 2 overlapped. Scale wise it was like there was about 9 times as much screen space (ie all the windows were about 1/9th the size). When he clicked on one of the windows the screen zoomed in and that window was at the front. It was as if he had Alt-Tabbed through all the windows. He told us what this was called, but for the life of me I can't rememeber it. If anyone knows, could they please tell me?

The reason I'm posting is I'm wondering if it's possible to get this kind of functuallity for Linux. Does any window manager/hack on {metacity, } to get that kind of feature? I'm floating between the 2 major desktop environments and have no real attachment to either, so I don't really mind which it works with. It looks damn handy and looks like it can make dealing with many windows easy as pie...

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