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Thursday, October 14th, 2004

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Building from source
Sometimes an app that I wish to play with only comes as a source.tar.gz file or similar and the usual;
make install

;works fine.

Other times the make craps out completely. I think it's something to do with the parameters you sometimes need to pass to configure.

Is there any decent sources of information about things such as PREFIX and other paths, their uses and where they lie?

For example I'm trying to compile Rosegarden and the README suggests that you pass "--with-qt-dir=..." and "--prefix=..." options to configure. I've tried all the obvious ones and have nothing to show.

I'm running it on fedora core2 btw.

EDIT: radio303 has found the kind of thing I'm looking for here.
so i've been having problems with gnome lately, and as far as i can tell, it's a problem with nautlius. i run slack10 and dropline-gnome. anyway, after a reboot, my background didnt' show up (just that greenish color), parts of the panels which i made transparent were no longer transparent (just gray). anyway, no right click on the desktop either (although the panels work fine) which is what leads me all to believing this is a nautlius problem...oh, and when i type nautilus into a terminal, nothing pops up. or "nautilus --browser" and that doesn't get anything either. also, when i try to browse my filesystem, for example, clicking open in gedit, or choosing a directory for downloads in gtk-gnutella. the program just freezes up. i've done "removepkg nautilus" then downloaded the source, compiled, restarted x. same problems....then dropline prompted me to install the version of nautlius it wanted, so i said OK, and it installed that nautilus...still no help. what's been the biggest pain....is that running nautilus doesn't throw back any errors...it just sits there doing nothing. if there is a problem with nautlius, how can i find out what it is? or better yet, has anyone else been having this problem?//

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