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Wednesday, October 13th, 2004

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So I'm trying ot log into my home system from work. I know this is possible because I've done an ssh connection to other systems from here in hte past.

I set up FC2 to accept incoming ssh when I installed it.

I've got my ip address and broadcast ip from /sbin/ifconfig right here in front of me.

And the ssh connection that I try to make just hangs and then times out.

And I can't ping my machine. Well, that is the first problem.

I'm using WOW internet at home, and we have two computers running on it. So the question is, assuming that WOW servbice is just like most other massive isp's, what do I need to do to make this work? I don't really know networking very well, so I appologize for that, but I do promise not to post a picture of a penis if that will make anyone feel any better.

If I can't ping is my ip address strictly internal? And if so, how do I find my system from work?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I might even do a little dance.

confused joe

Current Mood: confused
I have a weird general networking question.

In our office we use a Linksys BEFSR41 as our router/firewall, and we have a webserver outside the firewall. Today I set up webdav on the server and when we tried to connect the weirdness started. We can still ssh to the server and reach it via pop and smtp, and the rest of the world can reach port 80. But ever since we tried mounting the webserver with davFS on one machine, none of the machines behind the firewall can reach the webserver on port 80 (port 443 works fine).

No filterswere added, nor is their anything odd in the router set up. I have tried power cycling the router a couple times.

Still, nothing can get through to the webserver on port 80, though the outside world can reach our server and we can reach other webservers.

Any idea what is up? My thought is the Linksys is to blame, but like I said before, it's config looks good and it has been reset a couple times.
all quiet on hte linux front
It's been quiet today, so I'll ask a question that just popped up.

When I ssh into my work server I can run gkrellm or gaim through that connection, but I can't run mozilla (just tried) or kate (for a permissions error which leads me to believe I cound do it as root, but I'll refrain for now). Anyone know what that is? I'm thinking it may just be the size of the program, but it may be more complicated than that.

I can run the gimp that way, so maybe it's just mozilla that's failing. or maybe mozilla is just disabled and I don't know. Let me check that.

Looks right. Now, this is purely academic since that machine doesn't hav e an internet connection, but it struck me as somehting worth batting around.

For those of you who care, here's the contents of /use/bin/mozilla from that directory.

Collapse )

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Networking with Crossover Cables?

I'm trying to set up two Linux machines (Gentoo, my domain, and Red Hat 9, on which I can get root if I need it, but I am most definitely NOT recompiling the kernel, because any previous attempt to touch Red Hat's kernels have failed spectacularly) to be able to share a single dialup connection. Rather than do NAT, I'd like to SSH into the one with the PPP link and work from there.

So each box now has a NIC. Mine is some Netgear card using the Tulip driver on; the other has a brand-new D-Link DFE-530TX+ rev. E1, using 8139too. There's 30 feet of crossover cable between them, which some testing says is good on the continuity level. But (of course, else there would be no post), it isn't working. Neither card is lighting a link light, and neither card is hearing the other's negotiation. I know the Tulip card is advertising 0x01e1 as capability, and the other system picks up 0x0000. I also know the Tulip card was working just fine when I moved 3 weeks ago, and the box hasn't been opened in the interim. dmesg on the RH box suggests the card should be working just fine, as it's recognized and ifconfig'ed OK.

I'm at a loss for what to do next. Budget prevents the obvious answer of purchasing a hub and two straight cables; that's why we got a crossover cable in the first place. Any help?

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A Netopia wireless DSL box came in the mail when we affirmed our account with McLeod DSL Services.

Here it is. It's called the 3300W Wireless Series from Netopia.

I'd just like to know if this is going to play nice with Red Hat. I really can't wait to have high-speed internet up in my room. And I can't wait to learn how to use the internet through Linux.

Current Mood: disappointed

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