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Tuesday, October 12th, 2004

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Whenever I try to upgrade my GAIM, it somehow messes up. So I can't ever launch it as a normal user.
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It does work correctly when I launch it from a terminal as root. But that's the only time.
And I did the normal ./configure, make, make install, make clean.
Anyone have any idea why this would happen?
Fedora Core 2 vs. Fedora Core 3 (test 3).
[ crossposted to fedora_linux and linux]

Well after much research on various Linux Distros I've decided to go with Fedora Core. I feel it will best meet my needs at this point in time.

It's been about 4 years since I've played with Linux. I left it for a variety of reasons, but circumstances now allow me to go back to it. Not only that, I'm not dual-booting. I'm dumping Windows (2000) and going full-blown Linux.

But I digress....

The purpose of this post is to help me decide if I go with Fedora Core 2 or Fedora Core 3 (test 3). The latter was just released.

I realize FC 3 is in effect a beta. I don't mind Betas but I'm wondering if I'd be better off going with 2 for the time being.

I've done a lot of research on the Fedora Project on the web and find LOTS of stuff on FC 2 (which in part is why I decided on Fedora over other Distros) but I fear that I might be "out in the cold" if I go with FC 3 right now.

I can't assume that what works for 2, will work for 3.

For example, I've found links to various lists of RPM repositories that I can access with APT or YUM, but they only list RPMs specific to FC 2.

If I tried to get a "latest" RPM for 2 and install it on 3, would that present a problem?

That is the gist of my problem/question.

Thanks in advance for your help/suggestions.

Current Mood: geeky
password program
So I need to store a bunch of work-relates passwords (ie everyone's windows passwords) for work. I'm going to put them on paper and keep them in a box somewhere but I'd like ot have reasonably secure software of it somewhere. What I'm thinking of doing is putting them on a good piece of software protection software or splitting the file, encrypting both sides and putting it on two seperate cd's or something.

Anyone have any good advice? Programs that you know of or a better plan of action? Google turns up very little for password protection programs that isn't related to conning people into giving them their windows administrator password. Sad.
transparent toolbars in gnome
i'm using gnome on slack 10 and wanted to know how to make all the panels transparent, or at least slightly transparent. i know you can make the middle of the top panel transparent, and any unused space in the bottom. i'm wondering more about the areas like the clock, volume control, the applications/actions menu, and the window list at the bottom. if i could make them transparent, that would be cool, but even being able to change the color would help.//

Current Mood: curious
fun memory question
I'm running Debian and apache web server.
Its a picture/photo server.
I'm running xosview to watch memory , buffer memory and cache memory.
What I'd love to know is which jpeg pictures are in cache memory ???
Is that even possible ?
Can I somehow monitor the cache ?
I would like to be 100% sure that the last .jpeg I posted is in memory
for the next http user that comes along...

Here's your bonus for helping out...
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Linux - Gentoo timeouts
I have been wrestling with a Gentoo install for days. It just kept timing out, and I noticed that all the sites that were slow to download or timeout were in Germany, the Netherlands, or Taiwan. After two days of coming to a borked install, I removed my "MIRRORS" section in make.conf, and wala! I am now downloading from US sites.

Why did Mirrorselect choose old and busted sites far away from me? That's never happened before. Who knows...
well bugger me
So I just installed Fedora2 on my home system. So far so good. Except my WindowMaker install. When I run switchdesk it shows up there as an option, but if I try to select it, I get the following error:

ERROR: WindowMaker not installed!

Well . . . that's odd since it shows up for Switchdesk and I have several directories dedicated to it, so I'm a little confused as to why I don't have it. Anyone have a good suggestion? I'm tapped out on it.
hdb, what hdb?
Two weeks and I'm still scratching my head...

Dual boot (grub) system, using White Box distro. hda1 = xp, hda2-hda5 = linux partitions, hdc1 = cdrom. No problem with either OS.

Adding a second harddrive (hdb), reset the jumpers. XP picks it up immediately, Linux won't see it at all. fdisking it runs up dry.
Trying a different HD, different cables, different prayers, different curses, nada.

Anyone ever hear of a problem like this? My head has a dent from banging it against the wall.
Linux Noob: 31 Flavors
Hi all. A recent outburst of hardware purchasing and Frankensteining has left me with a second computer sitting happily next to the one I'm now using. I want to use it to finally get around to playing with Linux but I'm curious which distribution would be best. Collapse )

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